30th Nov, 2020

TDA Beef Launch

TDA Beef is delighted to launch our award-winning premium dry aged range. TDA Beef is available in Ireland exclusively through Pallas Foods and through our dedicated suppliers in Europe. Our dry aged beef range is created using just two simple elements – handcrafted Irish Atlantic Sea Salt™ and time.

We’ve partnered with O’Neill’s Irish Atlantic Sea Salt™ to enhance our dry aging process, which not only develops our unique intense flavour, but is also sustainably harvested from the Beara Peninsula in West Cork. This simple union of land and sea produces award-winning beef with a truly memorable character and taste.

Only the best cuts of beef are chosen for dry-aging in one of our four state of the art dry aging chambers. The perfect marbling and fat content of the beef is vital to create the best beef. This intricate marbling creates a truly unique taste, making for an incredibly tender texture that yields to the knife. This lasting flavour will transform your entire eating experience into something truly special.

Every element will awaken the senses.