Our Dry Aged Process

It all starts with exceptional beef, reared with care, in small herds, on Irish farms. We only select prime steers and heifers from Bord Bia Quality Assured herds that are free to graze on lush green grass for up to 10 months of the year.

All our beef is left on the bone. It's hip-hung and hyper-stretched using our patented Ultratender™ process to ensure consistent tenderness. Our master butchers hand select each individual piece of beef for its fat level, conformation and marbling. Only the best cuts pass our master butchers' rigorous inspection and are selected for dry aging.

The dry age process begins as soon as our beef enters one of our four state of the art dry aging chambers. Selected cuts are locked away while pure Irish Atlantic Sea Salt™ and air combine to create perfect dry aging conditions. TDA Beef is always left undisturbed until the dry age process is fully complete.

A union of land and sea

To enhance the dry aging process, we use locally sourced Irish Atlantic Sea Salt™ harvested from the Beara Peninsula in West Cork which helps remove moisture from the air and develops TDA Beef’s unique intense flavour. This simple union of our rich natural resources produces award-winning beef with a truly memorable character and taste.