O'Neill's Irish Atlantic Sea Salt™

TDA Beef is dry aged using handcrafted Irish Atlantic Sea Salt™, sustainably sourced from West Cork's rugged Beara Peninsula.

We're passionate about partnering with local suppliers. This natural raw material is the perfect addition to our small batch vaults, playing an indispensable role in developing our beef’s flavour to pure perfection and imbuing a distinct, complex flavour unlike anything else.

Our distribution partners


TDA Beef is exclusively available through Pallas Foods, the largest food business on the island of Ireland. Pallas Foods is renowned for the tailored service it provides foodservice professionals throughout Ireland. Its representatives work in close partnership with you and remain firmly aligned with your requirements, ensuring you always get the best.


TDA Beef works with a number of distribution partners throughout continental Europe. Get in touch and let us know where you are to find out more.